There was nothing accidental about the anti-healthcare reform letters that started bombarding the paper this August. While the Democratic Party was busy working on legislation, the GOP was working on how best to lie about it. One guess as to which one was faster getting the word out to the troops (among them a former neighbor), who chimed in with inaccurate views of what’s been proposed. I pray that theirs were legitimate personal concerns, not just talking points from the various right wing mail lists.

I joined in with a letter┬áto the editor of my own, and consider knocking out a few more. But, I set aside the ego for a moment, and wondered what I was hoping to accoplish. Hawaii’s Congressional Caucus is solidly behind healthcare reform with a public insurance option, and a few Republican activists aren’t going to change their minds. The point is to do my part to ensure there isn’t just one point of view being represented, and fortunately the overall tone of other letters late in the month is leaning pro-health reform.

A related thought: despite the videos distributed by the Maui Tea Party guy in Haiku, if Mazie Hirono organized a “town hall” meeting on Maui, I don’t think our local hell raisers in training would have the guts to pull off the shout-down-the-speaker bit. When there’s only one degree of separation from just about anyone you haven’t met, polite discourse is key (to avoid getting your okole verbally handed to you afterward).