405 Freeway At Night

405 Freeway At Night (from thirdape23, cc license)

Over the holidays, we packed up the family to visit my folks, do Disneyland, see old friends, and see what has changed in the last 15 years since we last lived in the Greater Los Angeles area.

All in all, a good trip. But, my first impression was set during the drive from LAX to my parents place in Oceanside: the drivers on the freeways are assholes. On Maui, it’s customary to back off on the gas to let someone slide into your lane. In L.A. (and I really should have remembered this) it’s customary to hit the gas before someone can slide  into your lane. This doesn’t help when you’re trying to merge from the FREAKIN’ ON RAMP.

All was well over the following week, until we stopped at the Trancas Canyon Starbucks for a snack during a drive through Malibu. During this trip, we worked at not using various Hawai’i idioms we’ve picked up over the last ten years, but my wife slipped when the barrista asked if she wanted whipped cream on her mocha. “No need, thanks.” “So, that’d be a no.” No, witch, that’d be a No Fucking Thank You, splash, Aloha. God help an ESL customer in that place. A quick google search suggests that shop is treated as more of a necessary evil than a hotspot for savoring one’s brew.